Tran Cong Vinh, Director of Vinh Tien Import Export Trading Company Limited – which owns the ZURAR fashion brand, expressed his excitement and happiness when his company was named in “The Best Brands of Women Leaders Choice” Award.

<em>Mr Tran Cong Vinh represented the ZURAR to receive the award The Best Brands of Women Leaders Choice<em>

“I was very touched and thrilled to hear that my business has been named one of the Best Brands of Women Leaders Choice Awards. I would like to thank the Organizing Committee for this significant occasion with honors,” – Mr. Tran Cong Vinh – Director of Vinh Tien Import Export Trading Company Limited, the owning unit of ZURAR Sleepwear.

From just a modest clothing factory, Tran Cong Vinh has built up his own import-export trading company limited. However, his love for the fashion industry made him nourish the dream of building his own brand. During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam, it was straightforward to him how essential a wife and mother are in our families. That is where he took the inspiration to develop the ZURAR brand, which is solely for women.

“I want ZURAR to develop sustainably through its most sophisticated, trendy, and fashionable designs. I am confident that my brand will reach the lady – the heart of every family domestically and abroad”, Mr. Tran Cong Vinh shared.

<em>Mr Tran Cong Vinh affirmed that the award is a great encouragement for ZURAR<em>

From the first line focusing on women’s sleepwear with the name “Dreamlike beauty”, ZURAR continues to build, develop the distribution system and create more designs based on the criteria that are attractive, suitable for modern life and high quality. Tran Cong Vinh affirmed that ZURAR’s products are created from 100% high-quality silk imported straight from Korea. In addition, it is also the first brand to take on sleepwear fashion with the concept “from sleepwear to streetwear.”

ZURAR’s efforts in branding and affirming product quality have paid off with The Best Brands of Women Leaders Choice award. This is the basis for Mr. Tran Cong Vinh is confident that ZURAR will develop nationally and even compete with international products.

<em>ZURAR products at the events display area<em>

“The award ‘The Best Brands of Women Leaders Choice’ will be the driving force for ZURAR to strive for further developments. I, myself also have more motivation to develop ZURAR into a business with a long-term retail chain and subsidiaries. Following that, we will assist ZURAR become a prestigious and competitive name both domestically and globally.” Mr. Tran Cong Vinh affirmed.

The award ceremony of “The Best Brands of Women Leaders Choice ” is an event organized by WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) and WLIN Global in collaboration with BSIN Global – Business Style International Network. This is a prestigious award in the Vietnamese business community honoring prominent Vietnamese and international businesses and brands with high-quality and community-oriented products and services.

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