Tet Fair 2023 – Top 50 WSERVICE’s THE BEST CHOICES AWARD launched at Novaland Center, Hanoi, last weekend in response to the festive mood of the days preceding Tet. Hundreds of people attended the opening ceremony, which kicked off the series of festivities that took place on January 7 and 8, 2023.

The event was honored to welcome important delegates such as Mr. Nguyen Truong Son – Chairman of the Vietnam Advertising Association, Dr. Vu Thu Huong – Strategic Advisor of WLIN Global Holdings, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global Holdings, General Director of Nam Huong Group, and leaders and members of clubs under WLIN Network and BSIN Global. The event attracted hundreds of guests and business families.

<em>Delegates cut the ribbon to open Tet Fair 2023 From the left to the right MSc Mai Thu Huyen Doctor of Education Vu Thu Huong Mr Nguyen Truong Son Dr Nguyen Thu Huong and Entrepreneur Singer Nguyen Thu Trang<em>
<em>The event received the attention of a large number of delegates and entrepreneurs<em>
<em>EdD Vu Thu Huong Strategic Advisor of WLIN Global Holdings delivered the opening speech<em>
<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong President of WLIN Global Holdings gave a speech about the Tet Fair event series<em>

The event took a look back at WLIN Global Women Leaders Network’s productive year, at the same time, recognized clubs like WLIN Power, WLIN Adora Quang Ninh, WLIN Stars Asia+, WLIN Sapphire, and WLIN Golden Connect for their outstanding performance in the Northern region of WLIN.

<em>WLIN Power with President Nguyen Thu Trang were honored as one of the Excellent Club of 2022<em>
<em>WLIN Stars Asia+ with Founder MSc Mai Thu Huyen and Executive President MSc Nguyen Thi Thanh Van were honored as one of the Excellent Club of 2022<em>
<em>WLIN Sapphire with President Nguyen Minh Thao were honored as one of the Excellent Club of 2022<em>
<em>WLIN Golden Connect with Founder President Lotus Vu and Northern Executive President Linh Pham were honored as one of the Excellent Club of 2022<em>
<em>WLIN Development Singapore with President Bui Thu Ling were honored as one of the Excellent Club of 2022<em>

On this special occasion, WLIN Global has launched new members joining the Network through WLIN Clubs. At the same time, the signing ceremony between WLIN Global Holdings and two new WLIN Partners also took place solemnly. Thereby, Master Pham Thu Thuy – Founder and CEO of Tay Thi Danh Vien and Master Thai Huong Lan – President of Mooles fashion brand, President of GSV Investment Fund were officially launched as WLIN Partners. It is believed that in the coming time, Women Leaders will develop their own WLIN Clubs, contributing to spreading the good values ​​of the Women Leaders International Network.

<em>Master Thai Huong Lan left and Master Pham Thu Thuy right signed a contract with Dr Nguyen Thu Huong officially becoming WLIN Partner<em>

Within the framework of Tet Fair 2023, the Top 50 WSERVICE’s THE BEST CHOICES AWARD is an award to honor reputable brands organized by Cam nang mua sam Magazine and WService in collaboration with the BSIN and WLIN Communities, under the direction of Vietnam Advertising Association VAA, conducted exclusively by WMedia Agency. After a period of serious appraisal with the given criteria, the Organizing Committee and the Advisory Council have selected businesses and brands that deserve to be honored in the Awards Ceremony.

<em>Mr Nguyen Truong Son Chairman of Vietnam Advertising Association VAA delivered a keynote speech about the award of Top 50 trusted WService Enterprises<em>
<em>Mr Nguyen Truong Son and Dr Nguyen Thu Huong presented the award to honor Top 50 WSERVICEs THE BEST CHOICES AWARD 2022<em>

The event of Tet Fair 2023 also marks a milestone of cooperation between WLIN Global Holdings and Global2me Joint Stock Company of MBA Mai Thu Huyen – Founder of WLIN InterContinental Alliance. The two sides signed a cross-shareholding agreement, thereby officially becoming each other’s strategic partners, tightening the relationship for mutual progress and development in the future.

<em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with MBA Mai Thu Huyen left<em>

During the two days within the framework of Tet Fair, there were other exciting activities, such as Business Lunch with the theme of Women and Style, the final round, the final of the Super Streamer contest and the award ceremony, Sydney Global Holdings Education Ecosystem Launch, and The Next Generation Network launch program.

<em>Sydney Global Holdings Education Ecosystem Launch Program<em>
<em>The Next Generation Network Launch Program<em>
<em>President of WLIN Power and Northern WLIN Entrepreneur Singer Nguyen Thu Trang brought a spring welcoming performance to the program<em>

The series of Tet Fair events have ended successfully, in the joyful atmosphere of the early days of spring before Tet. Wishing all female leaders and their families a warm and meaningful year-end reunion with family and friends.

The program is made exclusively by WMedia Agency. The Organizing Committee sent its sincere thanks to the units accompanying the program: Global2me Joint Stock Company, Gostream Brand,  Institute of Education Development and Intellectual Việt IEDV, SVF Holdings Company with the Do Trinh Hoai Nam Ao Dai brand, VYC Athemina Fashion Brand, Walensee Cosmetics, My Vita Brand, Kagome Brand, JES Healthy Life from Singapore, Black Gold JJ from Singapore, Happy Skin Vietnam, My Way fashion brand , Ha Phuong IED International Joint Stock Company, Hanoi The Butcher & Homefood, Rorinh Flowers Brand, Sydney Holdings English Education Ecosystem, Fujiwa Vietnam Co., Ltd., Hi TV Channel, and TS Medical alkaline ionized drinking water.

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