The 10-year journey with the piano of Singer – Musician Sunny Dan Ngoc is now adorned with new colors when the singer becomes a member of The Next Generation International Network and assumes the role of Executive President of the Network.

Sunny Dan Ngoc is currently a 5th year student majoring in Odonto-Stomatology at Hong Bang International University, at the same time a 2nd year student at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, a 2nd year student at the Open University majoring in English language. Dan Ngoc has 10 years of experience in studying piano and nearly 4 years working as a singer: “I was fortunate to be exposed to music when I was 4-5 years old, trained in dance and organ. When I was 9-10 years old, my mother directed me to the Conservatory of Music. I started taking piano lessons then, and it’s been 10 years.”

The 10-year journey of exposure to the arts has brought both joy and sadness to the young female singer, but it is the encouragement from her family and people around that has helped Sunny Dan Ngoc become more confident in the path that she has chosen. Starting the artistic path with toddler steps, now Sunny Dan Ngoc has gradually achieved memorable milestones in her career. The songstress received the ABRSM – an international certificate of music grade 4 vocal and grade 7 piano, received the first songwriting order of the WLIN Global network with the song “WLIN Soul”.

From her achievements, Sunny Dan Ngoc always tries her best to live up to the philosophy “Grateful for the past, respect the present, strive for the future”. In addition to her efforts for the present goals, the female singer is always grateful for every moment that she has experienced, because it is both a beautiful memory and a profound lesson, adding motivation to her upcoming journey.

Realizing that The Next Generation International Network is a healthy and useful playground for young people from 15-22 years old, it plays a complementary role for young people in the process of shaping and developing their personalities, providing necessary life skills, supporting orientation and future career development. With the support of her mother – Doctor Ngo Kim Thanh – Vice President of WLIN New Fashion, Sunny Dan Ngoc decided to become a part of the network as the Executive President of The Next Generation Vietnam.

​​”The Next Generation creates a healthy environment where members can learn many new things through other quality members and advisors. Not only book knowledge, The Next Generation brings new experiences with high practical values”. – The female singer shared.

Participating in The Next Generation International Network, besides expressing her desire to hone soft skills, become a brave and confident person, Sunny Dan Ngoc also prepared strategies to develop the network with the role of the Network President: “In order to create a stable and quality network, from the very beginning, The Next Generation will prioritize reaching young people who are the successors of WLIN & BSIN Global entrepreneurs. “

​​Carrying the responsibility of a network leader, Sunny Dan Ngoc expressed her hope for a network with harmonious activities among the members. Each member of The Next Generation will not hesitate to express their individuality, willing to listen to each other’s opinions to gradually become the best version of themselves.

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