Recently, The announcement of organizing the Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders Award 2023 took place excitingly, attracting hundreds of domestic and international guests via Zoom Meeting.

At 10AM of Feb 10th, 2023 (GMT +7), the award honoring the Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders 2023 was jointly launched throughout the Asia-Pacific region through Zoom Meeting. The top Women Leaders representing the countries of WLIN Global Network in Asia were presented and listened to the organization plan from WLIN Global Holdings Group, and actively contributed ideas.

The Zoom Meeting was coordinated by the Chairwoman of WGH, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong (Helen Nguyen), with the presences of Members of Board of Advisory, Board of Director and Board of Management, such as Prof. Dr. Ayla Aljufrie, Dr. Frederick Yap, MBA Mai Thu Huyen, Mrs. Dang Thi Thuy Hoai, etc…

At the opening of the program, on behalf of WGH – Women Leaders Global Holdings, President – ​​Dr. Helen Nguyen sent to the entire domestic and international WLIN Network, guests and partners with meaningful New Year wishes. After Dr. Helen Nguyen presented the implementation plan, The journey to find and honor the Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders 2023 has been warmly responded by a large number of Women Leaders and business partners in Vietnam and abroad. All expressed their admiration for the value brought by the Journey, as well as their belief that the experienced organization team will continue the success of the honorary awards organized by the WGH Group.

The international Zoom Meeting program was conducted bilingually by WMedia Agency. This was the opening event for the Journey to find and honor the Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders 2023, organized by WLIN Global Holdings and WLIN Global Network, under the direction of the Vietnam Advertising Association VAA. It was believed that the absolute consensus and warm emotions of all guests at the international Zoom Meeting will open a series of good and successful events throughout the Journey.

Established in Vietnam for 10 years since 2013, WLIN Global operated with the purpose of uniting business women from around the world to learn, explore collaboration possibilities, develop enterprises, and expand domestic and international relations. WLIN Global has flourished rapidly over the last decade, extending throughout Vietnam and reaching out to the rest of the world. The network has successfully organized awarding events and prestigious, monumental, and professional forums.

Top 50 Asia Pacific Women Leaders 2023, the largest annual award with Women Leader Forum 2023 for Vietnamese and international Business Women, will be held at The Adora – Ho Chi Minh City on March 31 and April 1, 2023. The program is organized by WLIN Global Holdings in collaboration with WLIN Global Network, under the direction of the Vietnam Advertising Association (VAA), and exclusively implemented by WMedia Agency. The award honors prominent members of WLIN Global with their outstanding performance in both economic and community activities development.

The program also includes the Women Leaders Forum 2023, a well-known forum that welcomes businesswomen from all around the world. As a result, the fascinating talks will be attended by 1000 Vietnamese and foreign businesswomen, politicians, social activists, and notable speakers from many professions from across the world at the Women Leader Forum 2023. This year’s Forum, in particular, offers an extensive playground for The Next Generation, a long-term strategy that WLIN Global is pursuing in order to nurture the next generation of business families.

Furthermore, 50 booths from WLIN Global Holdings’ ecosystem firms and joint venture partners will be presented at the event area, providing a fantastic chance for businesses to approach and promote their brands, products, and services to local and overseas visitors. The Organizing Committee of the event also awards Asia Pacific’s The Best Brands 2023 to honor excellent Vietnamese and international brands and enterprises..

Top 50 Asia-Pacific Women Leaders 2023, the award contributes to the affirmation and elevation of women’s position in the new era, with the purpose of providing opportunities for personal branding and efficient borderless business growth for the global business community.

The program has created a renowned network of businesswomen through the award, providing a platform for Vietnamese and foreign businesswomen to interact and expand business collaboration internationally. Furthermore, the Top 50 Asia-Pacific Women Leaders 2023 is an opportunity for businesswomen to effectively establish personal brands in order to flourish more prominently in their professional paths and community activities.



Steering Unit: Vietnam Advertising Association (VAA)

Organizers: WLIN Global & WLIN Global Holdings

Produced by: WMedia Agency

Contact info:

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