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Entrepreneur Lotus Vu: Assisting women leaders in making prosperous connections

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Lotus Vu is the CEO of Rolux Gold, which specializes in supplying and manufacturing 24K gold plated products. She recently joined WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) as a WLIN Partner. 

After many years of being active in business and self-development, entrepreneur Lotus Vu has achieved various triumphs in her career. At the same time, she launched WLIN Gloden Connect as a WLIN Partner of WLIN Global Holdings and established the International Golden Connect Joint Stock Corporation.

The journey for 24K Rolux Gold to satisfy the rough market 

24K Rolux Gold is a brand of Global Trading Chemicals Co., Ltd, a unit with nearly 10 years of operation that provides chemicals, transfers, and processes gold technology for many domestic and foreign companies. From the beginning of the brand positioning process in a challenging market in which 24K Rolux Gold operates, a variety of quality, luxurious designs are required, however, with bravery, talent, and determination, Ms. Lotus Vu has won over her customers.


Rolux Gold is currently proud to be a pioneering brand in gilding and manufacturing high-quality 24K gold-plated products in Vietnam. Staying true to its mission of researching, creating, and manufacturing unique gold-plated products with 24K gold-plated materials, Rolux Gold aims to develop and position the brand in the domestic market and bring it to the rest of the world. Rolux Gold operates with the mission of fully meeting the requirements of product design and quality, delivering products of real value with the best service to each customer.

Rolux Gold currently has four main business areas: high-quality 24K gold-plated gift products, high-quality 24K gold-plated interior decoration products, high-quality 24K gold-plated feng shui products and 24K gold-plated products designed to customer specifications.

“WLIN Global is the advantageous network for personal development!”

Besides being the CEO of Rolux Gold, women leader Lotus Vu also accompanied the WLIN Global Women Leaders International Network – a component of the WLIN Global Holdings Ecosystem with exciting activities and served as Vice President of the Northern WLIN Fashion – Accessories Department. As a WLIN Partner, she founded WLIN Golden Connect – a member club of WLIN Global and established International Golden Connect Company – a joint venture company of WLIN Global Holdings.

“When participating in a community full of successful female leaders and entrepreneurs, such as WLIN Global Holdings, I feel members are very energetic and positive to develop. WLIN Global, in my opinion, is the ideal network for people to grow.” Lotus Vu, a women leader of WLIN Global Holdings (WGH), shared her motivation for joining as a WLIN Partner.

On June 17, 2022, WLIN Global Holdings launched the WLIN Golden Connect Club and International Golden Connect company founded by businesswoman Lotus Vu, as part of the Women Leader Forum – The launching ceremony of the Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders 2022 took place in Da Nang City.


The female leader, wants to “connect prosperously” in partnership with WLIN Global Holdings (WGH). “Prosperity” in this context comprises the happiness aspect, which is contentment in the family and in society when there are many quality connections; also, our financial situation will enhance. Furthermore, the entrepreneur believes that she will accompany everyone in connecting the members of the WLIN Golden Connect Club as well as WLIN Global Holdings so that they might shine and expand more prosperously in the future, as the club’s name implies.

Lotus Vu hopes that by joining WLIN Global Holdings (WGH), she will be able to accompany and assist businesswomen in her WLIN Golden Connect Club as well as in WLIN Global Holdings to shine and thrive more in the future.

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