Hoang Thu Thuy – Miss Beauty with a Purpose 2022 is currently the Founder & CEO of Amanda Clinic & Luxury Spa, CEO of Taochao Vietnam, and Piora Vietnam. Recently, this multi-talented and energetic woman has become WLIN Partner of WLIN Global – A part of WLIN Global Holdings (WGH)

As a WLIN Partner, Miss Beauty with a Purpose 2022- Hoang Thu Thuy established the WLIN Adora Club in Quang Ninh, a member club of WLIN Global, to unite brilliant women leaders and work together to propagate decent values in the society.

A lady who is enthusiastic about the beauty business

Hoang Thu Thuy, a businesswoman, was born in Hanoi and studied marketing in Singapore. She held positions in import and export, but eight years ago she recognised the potential and long-term worth of the beauty sector and decided to engage in.

She established and directed Amanda Clinic & Luxury Spa in Quang Ninh with the goal of developing a passion of beauty in the world’s technological procedures and training a new generation of beauty professionals in Vietnam.

Hoang Thu Thuy, a woman leader, highlighted that Amanda Clinic & Luxury Spa’s strength is focused on the core principle of being a confidant with clients, which would eventually lead to a customer-centric culture. Amanda Clinic & Luxury Spa has its headquarters in Ha Long, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh, and a branch in Ha Noi, offering cutting-edge technology-based beauty services from developed countries such as Korea and Japan, the United States, Spain, and Switzerland…

Hoang Thu Thuy was recently acknowledged as Beauty with a Purpose representing Quang Ninh in the programme “Ambassadors of Compassion 2022” – an award to celebrate accomplished businesswomen who have a commitment to continue their position as ambassadors of charitable activities.

Accompanying and bring WLIN to Quang Ninh

Before becoming a WLIN Partner, women leader Hoang Thu Thuy has been a member of the WLIN Global for 4 years. Understanding the operating principles and specific orientation for the development of the network, Ms. Hoang Thu Thuy decided to become a WLIN Partner and bring WLIN to Quang Ninh with WLIN Adora Club – a member club of the WLIN Global.

Businesswomen Hoang Thu Thuy sign with Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of WLIN Global holdings to become WLIN Partner of WLIN Global Holdings

Recently, businesswoman Hoang Thu Thuy officially signed to become a WLIN Partner of WLIN Global Holdings. On May 27, 2022, WLIN Adora Club, founded by Ms. Hoang Thu Thuy, was launched in Quang Ninh with an Executive Board consisting talented women leaders.

Businesswoman Hoang Thu Thuy (centre) at the Launching Ceremony of WLIN Adora Club – Quang Ninh

“I was eager to bring WLIN to Quang Ninh because I believed that WLIN Global was a beneficial network for women to learn from one another, as well as principles that I could share with others.” Ms. Hoang Thu Thuy shared the season and decided to accompany WLIN Global as a WLIN partner.

WLIN Adora’s objective is to build a daring women leaders community in business and collaborate to convey decent principles to the community that are consistent with WLIN Global’s values. If I follow the correct steps at the right time, according to WLIN Global standards, I am confident that WLIN Adora in Quang Ninh will be successful and well-regarded by everybody.” Ms. Hoang Thu Thuy share about her expectation about WLIN Adora

Hoang Thu Thuy stated that she and the Executive Board of WLIN Adora Club would work to ensure that women leaders have full access to WLIN upon becoming members of the club. She expects that WLIN Adora will receive a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm from WLIN Global members to help the growth of WLIN in Quang Ninh.

Congratulations to WLIN Partner Hoang Thu Thuy 

With the enthusiasm, energy, and leadership of woman leader Hoang Thu Thuy, it is hoped that WLIN Adora will develop bigger and stronger, contributing to the overall development of WLIN Global. At the same time, she will spread positive values ​​to women who reach for their dreams.

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