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The Power of Women Dinner by WLIN Global: Vibrant and Insightful

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The Dinner of the Power of Women was held solemnly on March 31, 2023, in the poetic and enchanting venue of Rose Villa Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. The event offered meaningful experiences as well as a warm and joyous ambiance for 50 outstanding guests.

The Power of Women is one of the major events on the journey to find and celebrate the Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders 2023, an award to honor prominent members of WLIN Global who have excelled in economic growth and actively influencing via community activities.

Private dinners are graciously hosted in the lyrical, vibrant atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City’s most opulent restaurant, Rose Villa Saigon. The event gathered 50 VIP guests from WLIN and BSIN Global, as well as partners from the WLIN Global Holdings ecosystem, in a luxurious setting.

The Organizing Committee of The Power of Women amused the guests with a broad spectrum of feelings, from admiring the ultimate delights of the Loc Phuc diamond collection to being moved by the profound sharings of Dr. Sam Nguyen, excited about the fundraising auction for children, and the great spiritual gift for female leaders from the main sponsor Vinamilk. All have created a memorable evening in the hearts of every honored guest attending.

The opening speech by Dr. Psychologist Ly Thi Mai – WLIN Global Holdings Consultant

Women Leaders of WLIN Network with representatives of sponsors

Mr. Le Van Duc, Marketing Director of Vinamilk brands and present at the program as the primary sponsor’s representative, expressed great appreciation for the Women Leaders of WLIN Global Network, particularly the outstanding faces of the Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders Award 2023.

The prestigious guests of the event applauded loudly when a gentleman, especially from a leading brand like Vinamilk, emphasized the significance of women leaders.

Moreover, the distinguished guests of the event were treated to fresh and nutritious yogurts from sponsor Vinamilk, which were mixed with desserts from the restaurant, capping off the night on a high note.

Vinamilk yogurt is presented as a healthful dessert to distinguished guests at the meal

To more naturally honor the significance of women leaders, Loc Phuc presented to the Power of Women ” the close friends of every woman” – Loc Phuc Fine Jewelry Diamond Collection. The dazzling jewelry not only being displayed in the corner of the event but also offered a fashion-jewelry show with professional models from both at home and abroad.

Shannen Jade Totten, the most recent Miss Charm Malaysia 2023, was the vedette in the performance. Wearing the Enchanted masterpiece of Loc Phuc Fine Jewelry, she is a testament to the beauty of women, regardless of nationality or boundaries.

The charming of Miss Charm Malaysia 2023

Sponsor Loc Phuc, a leading brand in diamond and gemstone jewelry, offers the luckiest guest of the Dinner party a pair of dazzling earrings with hundreds of perfectly crafted diamonds. The lucky draw was full of suspense, and Mr. Rohit Kapur was the lucky one. He gave the gift to his beautiful fiancee, Ms. Kelly Luong.

Ms. Nykky Do – Brand Ambassador of Loc Phuc Fine Jewelry, present the lucky gift to the couple.

Kelly Luong also won the painting Doa Hong (Roses), which depicts the soft and sensual femininity of painter-entrepreneur Truong Kim Ngan. Truong Kim Ngan said that she had diligently roasted each grain of rice for a month in order for each grain of rice to have a distinct color. The work is created from each grain of roasted rice in this method, and not only does it have the crisp lines of a finished painting, but the color arrangement and bright and dark patches also make guests respect and admire the author’s effort.

Painter Truong Kim Ngan (left) took a photo with the new owner of Doa Hong – Ms. Kelly Luong

Painter Truong Kim Ngan donated the artwork to the auction in order to earn funds for Dr. Sam Nguyen’s S.A.M Foundation and the Scholarship Fund for  Poor Children Going to Trieu Hai Primary School in Lam Dong Province. By the Roses, not one, but many donors raised funds for charity from a beginning price of $1000 with many rounds of thrilling bidding. Moved by Dr. Sam Nguyen’s compassion and the enthusiasm of Painter Truong Kim Ngan, with Ms. Kelly Luong (eventually with a price of $2700), earlier auctioneers decided to donate their auctioned money to two children’s organizations, increasing the total amount raised to $6900.

The artwork attracted a lot of attention and appreciation from the program’s distinguished attendees. 

Half of the funds raised from the auction of Roses rice paintings will benefit the S.A.M (Stable Anchor Manor) Foundation, which was founded by Dr. Sam Nguyen, a social activist, and CEO who has achieved great success in the United States, received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award twice, in 2015 and 2022. She is a brilliant example of a female leader who deserves to be named one of the Top 50 Asia-Pacific Women Leaders in 2023.

Dr. Sam Nguyen, on behalf of the S.A.M Foundation and orphans in challenging situations, has expressed heartfelt appreciation to painter Truong Kim Ngan and donors who actively contributed funds during the event. as a woman who fiercely rose from the obstacles of living far away from her homeland, determined to develop herself while always assisting the overseas Vietnamese community, Dr. Sam Nguyen underlined that each women’s potential is infinite. “To be successful, you must have 3 factors: complete faith in yourself, consistent attempts to advance, and a heart full of compassion for everyone, at all times and in all places.”. Dr. Sam Nguyen’s heartfelt sharings impacted the spirit of every guest at the event, eliciting not just applause but also moments of emotion in between.

The EB5 Global Living & Investing program, co-operated by W-Invest Capital and Vietnam Access America – a prominent unit with many years of expertise in offering investment and settlement solutions in the United States – was also unveiled during the dinner. WIC EB5 has named runner-up Nguyen Bang Chau (also the Founder Chairman of WLIN & BSIN Emerald) as Country Director and awarded the strategic partner certificate to Mr. Dean Nguyen – representative of Vietnam Access America..

Ms. Nguyen Thu Nga, President of WLIN Ho Chi Minh, presented the decision to Ms. Bang Chau as the WIC EB5 Country Director.

Mr. Dean Nguyen on behalf of Vietnam Access America received the certificate of strategic partner WIC EB5

In addition to the program, Vanity Medical offered all guests magnificent gifts reflecting youthful beauty, as well as a V.I.P card worth VND 5,000,000 at Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic. With this gift, we believe that our valued customers will improve and always maintain their inherent beauty because Vanity Medical is a leading unit in the field of medical aesthetics, specializing in improving health, and beauty, assisting women to be more confident and shine with inherent beauty, without surgery.

Delightful and healthy gifts from Vanity

The Power of Women dinner succeeded in its objectives, offering a wonderful feast in terms of taste, sight, and emotion for all of the notable guests in attendance. The event’s success promises a spectacular Power of Women night in Hanoi on April 14. Simultaneously, the Honoring Ceremony Top 50 Asia – Pacific Women Leaders 2023, with the brightest nominations, will be placed on April 27..

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong (Head of the Organizing Committee) presents flowers to the sponsors’ representatives

The Women’s Power is jointly organized by Women Leader International Network – WLIN Global & Business Style Network – BSIN Global, and WLIN Global Holdings. The program is implemented by Nam Huong Media Group and WMedia Agency, with the companionship of Vinamilk, Loc Phuc Fine Jewelry, and Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic.

Moment of The Dinner:

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