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Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang: Assisting women in the pursuit of allure and success

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Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, the chairwoman, and CEO of Arina Beauty Clinic, was previously the first runner-up in Fitness Model Vietnam 2018. She joined WLIN Global Holdings as a WLIN Partner and founded WLIN Arina, a club directly associated with WLIN Global, the Women Leaders International Network.

The purpose of Arina Beauty Clinic is to assist women in their gorgeousness and confidence by using the latest techniques and exquisite beauty treatments, allowing them to constantly shine, prosper, and be fulfilled in their lives, which is identical to the vision of WLIN Global. This common bond is the primary reason for Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang to join the WLIN Global network as a WLIN Partner and establish the WLIN Arina Club.

The desire to assist ladies in shining their own aura

With a passion for exploring the latest beauty products and technologies, Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang devotes a tremendous amount of time and cash to experience groundbreaking beauty technologies in Korea, the United States, and Switzerland,…, and is always pondering how to bring all the technology and 5-star care process to serve Vietnamese clients. She always strives to help women be confident, attractive, and shine with their charm and temperament rather than just physical appearance. “I believe that aesthetics is a field rich in humanity since it not only enhances women’s beauty but also assists them to be more confident, happier, and successful, therefore providing everyone with positive inspirations.” – It is the major motivation she has chosen aesthetics as her field of profession. Arina Beauty Clinic was also founded and has grown since then. 

Quynh Trang initially encountered numerous challenges in managing the business and personnel, as well as having to travel frequently between Vietnam and Korea to engage with partners and participate in extensive training programs. “But once I’ve made a decision, I’ll fight with it until the conclusion and remain committed to the aim I’ve set for myself. Thankfully, the further I went, the clearer the path became, and I met a number of passionate partners and associates who wanted to collaborate on developing Arina Beauty Clinic.“- she shared.

When it involves starting a business in the field of cosmetology, she believes the most critical thing is to focus on the profession and the consumers. The soul needs to be motivated by a desire to improve the beauty of people and life and to truly assist clients in becoming more beautiful and less self-conscious of their imperfections. As a result, they will outshine, be more affluent, be more adored, and be happier. Just that, we are so enthusiastic about devoting time and effort to discovering the greatest and most effective methods to fulfill that desire. This, she believes, is a vital basis for achievement in the profession of cosmetology. 

Construct a distinction for the brand in the market

The utilization of cutting-edge technology and the best quality service prices on the market distinguish Arina Beauty Clinic. In terms of technology, she personally traveled to Europe and advanced nations to secure the exclusive transfer of the most cutting-edge and authentic technologies, such as Cooltech Define fat freezing, Dalyance Shape RF Rejuvenation, and America’s No. 1 Rejuvenation Thermage FLX. Despite the fact that all beauty services are performed using cutting-edge technology, the rates are incredibly inexpensive, and Arina is guaranteed to be the finest in the market. This arises from Arina’s goal to provide maximum benefit to its consumers, assisting all women in ensuring their rights equally when it comes to beautifying, transforming, and fearlessly shining. 

The second distinction is that Arina Beauty Clinic not only invests in cosmetic facilities but also has a specialized Korean standard laboratory. Arina Research Laboratory is a facility created and built with a comprehensive variety of scientific and technological equipment in accordance with the stringent criteria of the Korean enterprise to guarantee that the experiment is carried out as promptly, safely, and effectively as possible. Furthermore, the Clinic has engaged in incorporating AI artificial intelligence into the process of investigating and evaluating Vietnamese women’s skin and faces. Since then, numerous new beauty procedures and technologies customized to Vietnamese people have developed, and this is also the location for the exclusive transfer of ingredients and technologies from the world’s cosmetology giants such as Korea, the United States, Switzerland, and others.

Arina Beauty Clinic’s next distinguishing feature is its human resource. The Arina team of specialists and physicians are all perfectly skilled with 10-20 years of experience, have been well-trained by reputable cosmetologists, and are all licensed by the Ministry of Health. Moreover, one of the distinctions that distinguish Arina as a leading prestigious brand is the systematic and significant investment in the R&D Department (research and development), with the goal of constantly researching, upgrading and applying the most innovative beauty methods to provide the various and advantageous solutions for each Vietnamese customer.

As during the Covid-19 pandemic, Quynh Trang and the Arina team lay the groundwork and build momentum for future growth by learning about business management, conducting research and developing new beauty trends, establishing the development roadmap for Arina Beauty Clinic, and mentoring and enhancing employee expertise. As a result, as immediately as everything was back in order, Arina Aesthetic Clinic had an incredible breakthrough, becoming the leading quality and prestigious beauty clinic in Vietnam, reaching the top 10 renowned brands in Asia by 2022.

Become a WLIN Partner because of sharing WLIN Global’s vision

Arina and WLIN have a specific point in common in that they both have orientations and are dedicated to assisting women to perfect themselves and develop comprehensively so that they may become more happy and prosperous. Furthermore, participation in WLIN will assist Arina and me in developing our worldwide collaboration with significant partners while exchanging expertise and information and increasing our business network, while expanding cooperation and comprehensive growth WLIN members.” – Quynh Trang shared about the reason why she decided to become a WLIN Partner of WLIN Global Holdings and founded the WLIN Club Arina.


Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang signed the agreement with Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, President of WLIN Global Holdings, to become a WLIN Partner.

WLIN Arina and I will utilize our cosmetology business to empower women to become more beautiful, confident, successful, and happy. Moreover, we will actively expand strategic collaboration with significant partners that are WLIN Global members, with the purpose of connecting, supporting, and assisting each other in growing together and delivering great business outcomes. Arina and I will continue to support and actively participate in WLIN’s meaningful activities in the future, working together to establish a pleasant and highly cohesive atmosphere among network members. Let’s develop together and create a greater standard of living.” – Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang share WLIN Arina’s vision with enthusiasm .

With her achievements in business and contributions to the community, female leader Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang has received the award of Top 100 International Outstanding Vietnamese Women Leaders in 2022, organized by WLIN Global Holdings. Trang and Arina, she believes, will be capable of establishing and expanding domestic and international collaboration after becoming the WLIN Partners of WLIN Global. She hopes that by incorporating the great values that WLIN delivers as well as ongoing efforts to improve service quality, Arina Beauty Clinic will become a prestigious and trustworthy beauty brand for women.

Quynh Trang hopes that Arina and WLIN will always accompany women on their journey of self-improvement, assisting them to develop holistically, from taking care of their own health and beauty to developing their own careers and caring for the family, becoming more and more beautiful, successful, and happy. As a result, the principles offered by WLIN have assisted her in fulfilling her dream to become a community leader and activist.

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