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John Wick (Chapter 3 – Parabellum), starring Keanu Reeves, was released recently. John Wick is one of the strongest killers in the history of film, with a pencil and even a freehand. To die.

The trilogy is buried for 6 clocks. How many people killed in killing the gods? There are statistics from foreign media, and people who have died under John Wick’s hands are more than enough to sit in a 3D IMAX theater!

Killing John Wick

The first episode is the least death of the trilogy. In 101 minutes, John Wick killed 91 people, 73 of them were shot, 6 were killed by swords or swords, and the remaining 12 died of explosions and broken necks. Sudden death and crash, the most important thing is that John Wick dog Daisy was killed by the Russian gangster Tarasov.

Killing John Wick 2

By the second episode, he had risen to “Hundreds of People”. John Wick killed 119 people in 122 minutes and concentrated on shooting with guns. Among them, 110 died under guns; only two were killed by swords or swords; and the remaining 7 Among them, including three people who died in the most classic pencil killing scene, it proves that under the killing of God, any item can become a killing tool.

Killing John Wick 3

In the third episode that was recently released, John Wick was smashed by various passers-by and killed 167 people in 131 minutes. 124 of them died under the gun, and 32 were killed by swords or swords. Other deaths. Including three were killed by dogs, three were killed by horses, and crashed and killed by an axe. It can be seen that the latest episode has more different ways of death, and the action scene is more sublimated.

In total, John Wick killed 387 people in 3 movies and 357 minutes, killing an average of 1 minute, not killing the name of God, only John Wick can surpass John Wick.

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