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Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex of the United States gave birth to Archie Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6. The family of three lives in Windsor Estate. Inside the Frogmore Cottage.

There is a charity event on Tuesday (28th), visitors can walk into the palace garden and have a glimpse of the situation in the palace. But the palace is quite close to Heathrow Airport. Some people wondered how Harry and Megan made Archie fall asleep in the noise.

According to the Daily Mail, visitors can be arranged to stroll alongside the royal family members due to special charity activities of the National Garden Scheme. According to the report, although the tourists walked about 6 meters outside the Moorish Palace, no one saw the traces of Harry and Megan. Some people said that they tried to peek into the palace from the window.

“Sunday Telegraph” columnist Sophia Money-Coutts wrote on Twitter that he could see several open windows and two shiny cars, describing it as “crazy” close to Harry and Megan. New home.

Flobo Court is not far from the airport. She pointed out that the scene was quite noisy and pointed out that “(they) how to let Archie fall asleep under the channel, which is beyond my imagination.”

According to the report, the palace is strictly guarded on weekdays, but locals and tourists can walk into this exclusive garden on that day, and more than 400 vehicles are parked on the way to the floating palace.

Sandra Whall-Sudnick, a visitor from the United States, said that she decided to go to the Moorish Palace when she came to visit relatives in the UK. She also joked, “We tried to look at the window at the top of the house, but did not see any The signs of life, the meaning of the royal family can not be seen.

Another visitor, Juanisa McCoy, said that the Windsor area was very beautiful and lovely, and she understood why Harry and Megan wanted to move here.

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