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Chang Shi has repeatedly been accused of divesting from the mainland, the group public relations “A sister” rebutted: there are also buy and sell

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Chang Shi

Foreign media reported earlier that Changshi (1113) intends to sell its Shanghai Gaoshang area residential project, but the group has immediately denied it. The project was launched in the near future. The first batch of sales of “Leading Apartment” was carried out in three days. A total of 484 units were subscribed and the sales amounted to approximately RMB 4.3 billion.

When Chang Tang Industrial Enterprise Director Ban Tang Huici accepted the interview of the domestic media “Bei Qing Net”, he again refuted the remarks surrounding the group’s “distribution.” She bluntly stated that the daily operation target of any company engaged in real estate business is to lease or buy or sell. Whether it is the sale of individual units or entire properties, the first batch of listings of the Shanghai Gaoshang area residential project “Leading” was sold last week. Is an example.

Ban Tang Hui Ci continued that Changjiang Group is a multinational company with diversified businesses in more than 50 countries around the world. When analyzing the Yangtze River Group, the Group’s overall strategy must be considered. It is not inappropriate to invest in the funds for the sale of real estate, investment in aircraft leasing or infrastructure, all depends on the return on investment. It also refers to the fact that the Group is engaged in large and small transactions at any time of the day and in any geographical area. In the negotiations, there are both buying and selling, and whether it is implemented or not depends on the return on investment.

She also pointed out that mainland business is one of the key points in the group’s market. In addition to real estate, the industries involved include large-scale investment projects such as energy, ports, retail, power plants and infrastructure.

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