The Honor Ceremony of the Top 50 Asian Pacific Women Leaders 2022 with the theme “The Courageous Roses” took place successfully beyond expectations on the evening of April 15, 2022, in Ho Chi Minh City, with the participation of over 500 Vietnamese and international women leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Top 50 Women Leaders in Asian Pacific 2022 honor ceremony is a solemn event in the programs series organized by the Women Leaders International Network – WLIN Global and WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) to honor outstanding women leaders in all fields.

<em>The Honor Ceremony of the Top 50 Women Leaders in Asian Pacific 2022 has the gathering of a large number of global entrepreneurs<em>

Honoring Top 50 outstanding Women Leaders in Asian – Pacific

After fair voting rounds from the Organizer and Advisory Council, the top 50 prominent women leaders in Asian Pacific were honored this year. At the event, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holdings, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Top 50 Asian Pacific Women Leaders, shared the goals and meaning of the award as well as the criteria for the nominees who deserve to be honored.

<strong><em>Dr Nguyen Thu Huong <em><strong><em>Chairwoman of WLIN Global Holding The head of the Organizing Committee of the Top 50 Asian Pacific having her testimonial at the honor ceremony<em>

The Top 50 Asian Pacific Women Leaders Award this year, with the theme “The Courageous Roses,” aims to honor daring women leaders with pioneering spirits, who are making positive changes in the community through community activities. The award recognized the efforts, groundbreaking developments, and contributions of women business leaders in Vietnam and other countries who have been awarded the prestigious international award over the years.

<strong><em>Ms Ariadne Feo Labrada<em><strong><em> Consul General of the Republic of Cuba and Psychologist <strong>Dr Ly Thi Mai<strong> presented the trophies to the group of 10 in the Top 50 Asian Pacific Women Leaders 2022<em>

Other awards recognize outstanding business owners

Along with the Top 50 Asian Pacific Woman Leaders 2022 Award, WLIN Global and WLIN Global Holdings (WGH) organized The Best Brand of Women Leader Choice Award to appreciate the top 5 entrepreneurs representing prominent Vietnamese and international businesses.

<strong><em>Mr Nguyen Truong Son <em><strong><em> Chairman of Vietnam Advertising Association and Dr <strong>Piyapt Pusiri <strong> WLIN Thailand Ambassador awarded the Top 5 The Best Brand of Women Leader Choice award<em>

The event featured presentations by 6 entrepreneurs representing countries in their respective business fields from the Top 50 Asian-Pacific Women Leaders 2022 and The Best Brand of Women Leader Choice. The Present Award 2022 was given to the best presenter.

WLIN Global and WLIN Global Holdings, in particular, presented the dedication and companionship award to women leaders who have made significant contributions to WLIN Global in the past.

<em><strong>Dr Ly Thi Mai and Dr Nguyen Thu Huong<strong> presented awards to women leaders who have made great contributions to WLIN Global<em>

Attending and witnessing the meaningful awards, at the event, special guests and delegates gave supporting speeches, highly appreciating the core of the award in creating motivation for women leaders and entrepreneurs in Vietnam and other countries, helping leaders enhance their personal branding, contribute to the effectiveness of business promotion, and create opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect and trade with one another. Mr. Frank De Laat, Deputy Consul General of the Netherlands, Ms. Ariadne Feo Labrada, Consul General of the Republic of Cuba, and Mr. Nguyen Truong Son, Chairman of the Vietnam Advertising Association, the Steering Unit’s representative, all sent their best wishes to the event.

<strong><em>Mr Frank De Laat<em><strong><em> Deputy Consul General of the Netherland gave his speech at the event<em>

Furthermore, the program featured satisfying art performances, with young singer Sunny Dan Ngoc, runner-up Bang Chau, and businesswoman – singer Thu Trang bringing a joyful atmosphere to the guests.

The honor night concluded with domestic and foreign guests praising the voyeuristic, monumental scale and efforts of the Organizing Committee to bring alluring content, particularly goals and meanings when honoring prominent and talented Asian Pacific women leaders in various fields.


Steering Unit:  Vietnam Advertising Association (VAA)

Organizers: WLIN Global & WLIN Global Holdings

Produced By: Nam Huong Media Group

Companion Units: Mylina Group, Evashoes

Media Sponsors: Goldsun Media & Business Style Magazine


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