Sean Chin MQ
Sean Chin MQ

Sean Chin MQ is an expert dark horse in the realm of hedge fund management who has recently come into Stankevicius MGM Spotlight.  Sean Chin MQ’s journey to prominence is nothing short of remarkable, driven by his consistent ambitions and keen ability to maneuver and discern the financial markets.

Career in Finance

Sean Chin MQ’s career, which began in 2015, includes founding Olritz Financial Group, an asset management and financial licensing entity based in Australia. In addition to Olritz Financial Group, he established BAcapital Group Pty Ltd, an investment brokerage firm with a presence in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia. This strategic move allowed Sean to tap into cross-border opportunities and diversify his portfolio, positioning his firms for a rapid journey to success.

Sean’s career trajectory in the financial world began with him making his way into OCBC bank and then on to Standard Chartered Bank. Sean’s impressive career saw him rise within the industry. During his decade-long tenure, he consistently earned promotions and received an impressive array of industry honors. His dedication and expertise propelled him to the forefront of the industry, garnering respect from peers and competitors alike.

Sean’s journey transcended traditional banking. Driven by his insatiable appetite for trading knowledge, Sean began his tutelage under a distinguished sensei in Japan, renowned for mastering the intricacies of graph reading and pattern plotting fundamentals. In August 2013, he won second runner-up in an Asia-wide trading competition, with a whopping 7000% in profit – an extraordinary feat that etched his name into history as a Malaysian-born trader. His achievement prompted an exclusive interview with Personal Money Financial Magazine, where his insights captivated an international audience.

Read more on Financial Times or download a copy pdf here.

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